Nonprofit / ReMain Nantucket

Effective Population Study

Delivered version 1.0 of an effective population study entitled, “Making It Count.” This effort merges public and private data, including trip-level data from ferries and airlines, with ground-breaking data science.  It offers a detailed portrait of daily changes in the island’s population. Highlights:

  • Nantucket’s permanent population is 17,200, which means the official U.S. Census estimate misses 5,600 islanders.
  • Seasonal residents would add another 11,000 at 100 percent occupancy (although this almost never happens).
  • Nantucket has at least 365 year-round commuting workers and 6,600 seasonal workers in July.
  • We also counted 500,000 visitor-trips to the island in 2017, including 100,000 in August alone.

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Government / Nantucket Memorial Airport

Finding New In-demand Air Routes

Analyzed mobility data to determine the most underserved air routes.  (The answer is Philadelphia).

Nonprofit / Nantucket Civic League

Understanding Housing Bank Impact

Supported analysis of the proposed Housing Bank one-half percent transfer tax.

Business / Nantucket Chamber of Commerce

Creating a Business Data Membership

Collaborating on a future “data membership” for Chamber members, including access to an online dashboard and data sets to help members answer key questions like these:

  • When they should we open and close?
  • What type of visitors are on the island, and when?
  • How do we reach visitors at their homes?
  • How do we identify loyal seasonal residents?

Government / Finance Department

Building a Predictive Dashboard

Producing V2 of a “finance dashboard” that tracks leading economic indicators for budget planning.

Government / Planning Department

Validating Permanent Population for 2020 Census

Complex address matching project using a variety of data sources and techniques to ensure the local address list for the 2020 Census is robust.  Additionally, NDP will support the Town’s awareness campaign to assist in achieving a full count in the 2020 Census.

Non Profit / Health Related

Using Mobility Data to Reduce Tick Borne Disease

Will use mobility data to identify the best places to apply repellents on trails and other sites to reduce the incidence of tick-borne diseases.  This effort could lead to a “Tick App” where citizens would understand where ticks are active and how weather affects their behavior.

Government / Select Board

Developing Visualizations for Nantucket's Strategic Plan

Identifying best practices for visualizations used in the Town’s strategic plan. Assisting in designing a “data dashboard” for public use.

Nonprofit / Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Population Profile

Detailed demographic work to provide a reliable population profile of the characteristics and demographics of the island in order to understand the services required.

Nonprofit / Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Cost of Living Profile

Understanding the true costs of living on-island and developing key insights into the implications that has on the affordability and accessibility of appropriate housing for individuals in different income brackets across the island.

Nonprofit / Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Survey Panel

Building a statistically reliable survey panel to better understand housing demand.

Nonprofit / Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Survey of Behavioral Health and Prevention Facilities

Creating a Mental Healthcare Provider and Prevention Facilities Profile incorporating multiple data points to detail the different health services the island provides.

Nonprofit / Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Behavioral Healthcare Cadence of Crisis

Using data to understand the ebb and flow of demand for behavioral healthcare in light of our seasonal community and what that means for the services offered.

Nonprofit / Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Women and Children’s Healthcare Provider Profile

Understanding the landscape of women and children’s healthcare services on-island, lighting up the picture of the different health services the island provides and how they serve their patients.

Nonprofit / Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Dashboard of Women and Children Healthcare

Identifying women and children in need of services and helping them utilize those services efficiently and effectively.