Nonprofit / ReMain Nantucket

Effective Population Study

Delivered version 1.0 of an effective population study entitled, “Making It Count.” This effort merges public and private data, including trip-level data from ferries and airlines, with ground-breaking data science.  It offers a detailed portrait of daily changes in the island’s population. Highlights:

  • Nantucket’s permanent population is 17,200, which means the official U.S. Census estimate misses 5,600 islanders.
  • Seasonal residents would add another 11,000 at 100 percent occupancy (although this almost never happens).
  • Nantucket has at least 365 year-round commuting workers and 6,600 seasonal workers in July.
  • We also counted 500,000 visitor-trips to the island in 2017, including 100,000 in August alone.

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Government / Nantucket Memorial Airport

Finding New In-demand Air Routes

Analyzed mobility data to determine the most underserved air routes.  (The answer is Philadelphia).

Government / Finance Department

Building a Predictive Dashboard

Producing V2 of a “finance dashboard” that tracks leading economic indicators for budget planning.

Government / Planning Department

Validating Permanent Population for 2020 Census

Complex address matching project using a variety of data sources and techniques to ensure the local address list for the 2020 Census is robust.  Additionally, NDP will support the Town’s awareness campaign to assist in achieving a full count in the 2020 Census.

Government / Select Board

Developing Visualizations for Nantucket’s Strategic Plan

Identifying best practices for visualizations used in the Town’s strategic plan. Assisting in designing a “data dashboard” for public use.

Nonprofit / Nantucket Affordable Housing Trust

Assessing the Housing Landscape

Generating the first full picture of housing supply and demand on Nantucket, coupled with a detailed Housing Survey to provide an up-to-date picture of the housing needs, preferences, and concerns of families and individuals.

Nonprofit / ReMain Nantucket

Cost of Living Profile

Understanding the true costs of living on-island and developing key insights into the implications that has on the Nantucket community.


Nonprofit / ReMain Nantucket

Community Survey Panel

The panel gives Nantucketers a consistent way to share their knowledge and opinions about island life safely and anonymously. NDP expects the panel to become a trusted resource for sharing insights on important community topics, while also providing context and a deeper understanding of the statistics-based analyses NDP publishes on a range of topics.

Business / Nantucket Chamber of Commerce

Creating a Business Data Membership

Collaborating on a future “data membership” for Chamber members, including access to an online dashboard and data sets to help members answer key questions like these:

  • When they should we open and close?
  • What type of visitors are on the island, and when?
  • How do we reach visitors at their homes?
  • How do we identify loyal seasonal residents?